Award Criteria

General criteria for submissions

In addition to the category specific criteria, the judges will be looking for the following from submissions:

  • + Innovation
  • + Imagination and ambition
  • + Evidence of a good clear strategy for the project or policy
  • + Evidence of good management
  • + Evidence the strategy was clearly communicated to staff and other stakeholders
  • + Value for money
  • + Supporting evidence that the project/policy has made a difference to the organisation
  • + Evidence it has achieved or is well on the way to achieving what it set out to do


+ Reported % increase in recycling of waste, waste segregation, clinical waste, etc

+ Reported % reduction in overall waste reduction in supplies packaging, printing, etc

+ Reported % of financial savings made through reductions in waste


+ Evidence an innovative system/product has been implemented to reduce carbon and costs

+ Reported % reduction of carbon and costs via the system/product

Public engagement

+ entries must demonstrate social impact within community/region/town or city

+ Entries must highlight clear evidence of impact citing future ambitions and proposed progress

Staff Engagement

+ Evidence of improvement in environmental awareness within organisation via staff engagement programmes or initiatives

+ Examples of behaviour change

+ Entry must demonstrate change in staff engagement and awareness via such programme

Supplier of the Year

+ Direct evidence your organisation has improved either carbon reduction/environmental awareness/financial outcomes of NHS Partner

+Entry must be able to cite a NHS partner of whom can support application


+ Evidence design or construction of building has addressed environmental improvements such as carbon reduction, wellbeing and prevention

+ Entrant to demonstrate measurable evidence (survey, feedback, testimonials, statistics) of building design or construction creating improvements


+ Reported reduction of more than 20% in carbon emissions from Estates based on 2015/16 base rate figures

+ Entry to cite how reduction achieved in past 12-18 months


+ Entry must evidence locally/healthy sourced food for staff or patient menus

+ Entry to evidence health/health economic outcomes for organisation


+ Entry to evidence how sustainability has been implemented via procurement

+ Reported % financial improvement via the project


+ Entry to demonstrate clear change in modalities of transport to organisation for staff and patients

+ Entry to report % improvement in carbon reduction

+ Entry to evidence improvement in patient and staff satisfaction


+ Project must demonstrate clinical value in either financial savings, improved working or reduced carbon

+ Project must have had input from clinical colleagues


+ Evidence an innovative system has been implemented to assist the reuse of materials

+ Reported % of financial savings made through reuse system